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Intervention Session 1
Interventionist: So what's going on Idaho Bob?

Idaho Bob:

Oh, not much, just sitting around here...


How about you John Wisconsin, how are you feeling today?

John Wisconsin:

I'm sensing a little movement, possibly more spuds...


Interesting, I do see some changes in you from last week.

Did you cut back on your 23 3/4 hours of daily TV viewing?

John Wisconsin:

Um, ...I don't know, I wasn't keeping track


Hal Maine, anything new in your world?

Hal Maine:

It's been miserable, cold, and wet all right


I understand the winters are hard, I do.

Have you tried to create anything new?

Like we talked about

Hal Maine:

...well, no, just another week went by


Ok, that makes sense, you seem to have

an even lower energy this week


California Jett, what about you?

Did you try anything new this week?

California Jett:

I signed up for another streaming

service, put it on the card, it had an

auto bill, all of that


We've gone over this before, please

call me before you sign up for

another streaming service, TV

product, or things of that nature

California Jett:

I know, I know, I didn't need a 23rd

service, they just tempted me that it

would be something different this time


...and was it? Was it something new?

California Jett:

I haven't logged on yet...


Oh gosh, well guys, you know these

sessions are for you and not me.

As we've talked about, I'd really like to see

you try your hands at creating something,

making something new, something pretty.

I mean, Hal Maine, I get it, the weather can

be horrible at times, but adding some color

to your home, I think it would really help.

Check out:


There's a bunch of creative platforms / creativity software on there that

you can use to make some really unique and amazing art.

So, what do you say, will you give it a try?

...until the next intervention session...

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Tune in often for their growth and development