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The Assembly Group

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Topic Now - Can words make art?
Hello world, I'm John Loop, ...and welcome to The Assembly Group

Topic now, can words be used to create art?

Joined today by the ever reliable and sturdy Patrick Ram, the

lovely and precise, Miss. Integer, our newest panel member,

able to retire for a first time at 17 off his crypto winnings,

Pointer, and of course, our forever coder type, able to

stop things from getting out of control when instructed, Break...

Pat Ram, what say you?

What is this about? Can words be used to create art?

Patrick Ram:

Yes, John, yes, they can, and done well, it can be quite

impressive. It's a very interesting undertaking indeed, infinite

possibilities, really

John Loop:

As always, at the ready Ram, I like it...and how about you

Miss. Integer?, and I will say, you are looking very open to

computations today..., maybe a round of batch queries or the like...

What do your calculations tell you on this?

Can words be used to create art?

Miss. Integer:

John, my batch querying days are long gone, but, yes John

and very beautifully too, while conducting some pre-show

research, I tried it myself at

and was enchanted by the patterns, the colors, the

wonderful variations

John Loop:

Why ok then, 2 for 2 here now, let's take it over to our

resident well too do, early bloomer, Pointer, does any of this

appeal to you?


Most certainly, I've made numerous works of art at

I've never had a great amptitude for hand drawing,

but this is great, it's very easy, basically,

just say anything that comes to your mind, I even created a very

cool piece using Chinese and one in Spanish, I don't speak Chinese

and Spanish everyday, but this was very nice, I really enjoyed it,

so yes, without a doubt, I think you can make really great art with your words.

John Loop:

Well, golly gee, it seems like we have some early believers

in all this, in this turning words into art, this Infinitewords,

InfinitewordsIO, but what say you Break, you've been programming since

the 60's, you've spent many a nights with your Cobol, what do you think of

what they've done, this InfinitewordsIO?

Talk to us Break...


Total technical mastery

John Loop:

...break, have you completed, is that all that needs to to said...

...o.k. then, there you have it, from Break himself,

Total Technical Mastery -

And that closes out this Topic Now, thank you all, until next time...

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