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NFLMs - Episode 1 - The Tandem Bicycle
Nice day, warm temperatures and I see these two on a tandem bicycle, I mean, matching

shirts, helmets, the whole nine yards.

I get it, it's a nice day out, clear skies

Love is in the air, but I would think you've really got to like each other for that,

I mean, you've really got to be into each other, to love each other or something to be

that close... on a tandem bicycle!

Don't get me wrong, to each is own, they didn't bother me, they just flew right by, and

fast too

Hey, no worries, but, I mean, for me, nobody, I don't think from day one has ever wanted

to be that "close" with me, on a tandem bicycle!

...ho hum... drip... drip...

I guess no one has found what they're looking for in this guy...

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