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NFLMs - Episode 2 - The Grocery Store
Got out early, crack of dawn, had forgotten something the week prior at the grocery store

It's quite nice for this guy getting there that early, I think there was one, yes, one

other shopper in there

A few people working there going through the aisles, picking things for delivery or for

pick up

This guy even dared to venture and tried the pick up service a few times, I will say, all

and all, they did a very nice job, and that was a good bit ago, they may really have it

down to a science now

There was this one person picking out items, she was very pleasant, said good morning and

all as I moved with quick haste in the aisle and past her

They have them behind the masks, but, I don't know, this guy has always had some attraction

to women that work at grocery stores

I think it's certainly not an easy job, when it gets busy, you get these demanding customer

types and some of them really want things done quick if going through the checkout lines

that have cashiers

And the bagging of the items, I would think that can be a stressed assembly line all right,

you have to be on your toes, and on your feet, for hours, probably, and you have to be

careful, you can't put the eggs underneath the oil cans of beer...

This guy has never done it, never worked at one, and now, and at the hour he goes, you

basically do everything yourself, scan it yourself, bag it yourself, pay for it yourself

...moving even faster to a future of even more limited interactions with pleasant

grocery store people and the like...

...ho hum... drip... drip...

I guess no one has found what they're looking for in this guy...

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