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NFLMs - Episode 3 - The Adoption Process
Whoa, hadn't been out for days, so it was nice to go for a walk, the Sun was out,

a little cool, surely could have used a second sweater. Motoring along, at a

good clip, some people out, not a ton though, one person coming in the

other direction, this guy has seen her before, seems to have a very nice

disposition, ...have even made some attempted eye contacts in the past, not

trying to be weird or anything or make someone uncomfortable, very minimal

of course, probably not even a notice, I mean, you see so many people

totally buried in their phones, they may not be able to notice anything...,

and then, a kind hello, right out of the blue like that,, almost

completely past at that point, a classic unprepared, oh well, chalk it

up, add it to the list..., Really cruising now though and coming upon

a more crowded area, 3 people and a dog right ahead, ...he's kind of

standing back a bit, ...she seems like she's really into the dog, and as the

pass comes, to begin the adoption process..., o.k. now, whoa, one key

word this guy runs from, ...process, what are we talking about here, are

we going a full scope reference, credit, banking, medical, driving, and on

and on and on involved process. I mean, the guy didn't seem into it to

begin with, and now we're talking process, ugh, computer shut down...

...ho hum... drip... drip...

I guess no one has found what they're looking for in this guy...

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