Mob Ties

Mob Ties - The Series

A group of "toughs" from the five (...well, nobody really knows how many) families gather

together, usually on Friday, they discuss, they make deals, they take direction

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves

Mob Ties - Observer Log 8
"...this time change, now, light out later, what's the real story..."

"Always with them, always the flips with them"

"Yeah, I mean, keep it consistent, keep it simple, know,, I don't ask much, but, you know, everything o.k...."

"Hey, we've been through some hell and back, you, maybe only you,

you can ask..., I've been thinking some on that little cute bug

they put, ...they just want to keep on pushing, ...we're involved

in things, they're involved in things, ...but, they always want to

keep pushing, a little aggression here, some agitation there...,

have I ever targeted, directed, and taken pictures of their kids,

their wives, the girlfriends, and on, and on, and on..., have I

ever planted a little unknown, unknown what they even do device

around them..., no, that was garbage, all of it..."

"That new Task Force crew, ...complete frauds, disgusting, thinking...,

what if they've got another one somewhere, listening in right now..."

"Let them, they're grasping at straws at this stage, they're robbing

from the couch cushions, they're twisted, all of them..."

"You thinking, ...maybe we give a call..."

...just like that, there he is, all right, the boss, what's he going to say this week

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Mob Ties - They operate on honor...

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves