Mob Ties

Mob Ties - The Series

A group of "toughs" from the five (...well, nobody really knows how many) families gather

together, usually on Friday, they discuss, they make deals, they take direction

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves

Mob Ties - Observer Log 7
"...what a joke, what a bunch of clowns"

"Yeah, again, a bug, trying with the bug"

"Somebody probably spent some night hours working up the plan"

"Yeah, the conop, yeah, they love that, and then you've got to have

the pre-briefing, then the briefing, maybe a little chit chat

lunch, coffee meetings, ...of course, always with a little overtime milk..."

"Goofs, now, it'll be time for the post-briefing"

"I mean, what kind of life can they have, they sit in their van,

their SUV, they sit here, there, trying to listen, at all hours,

I would think, a second after the first time, the first thrill of it,

they'd look at what they're doing, the reality of what they're trying

to go for, ...I mean, what a life to live..."

"It's pathetic, always trying show daddy, be able to tell daddy some fancy

stories about their latest, or puff up for their boy, maybe give the wife

an earful about their latest little mission or something..."

"Yeah, always trying to prove something, be the hard now, make up for

getting bullied in school, or to try and keep being the bully"

"Always looking the part when shaking somebody down, trying to

squeeze somebody for information, going in with 20, all geared out"

"Yeah, and you always get a couple of the old timers taking up the back, told me how he was doing a follow onetime, Houston to Chicago

or some nonsense, they couldn't hardly stop, and said he wished he

had diapers on, ...diapers, gosh, I almost about"

"Glamorous, ...and some thinking they're doing God's work on top of it"

"and always with a little overtime milk"

...just like that, there he is, all right, the boss, what's he going to say this week

To read what the boss had to say this week, click to reveal:

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Observers Note:

Was able to recover the bug (Photo Attached)

Looks to be undamaged, a T-4678r1 model, could still be listening

It's hard to tell with these we buy from overseas

Mob Ties - They operate on honor...

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves