Mob Ties

Mob Ties - The Series

A group of "toughs" from the five (...well, nobody really knows how many) families gather

together, usually on Friday, they discuss, they make deals, they take direction

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves

Mob Ties - Observer Log 5
"yeah, and I'm next to the kid, and I say, you not wearing the deodorant anymore

or something..., and he says, don't know you know, some of that stuff is poison,

chemicals, all sorts of bad stuff.., and I say, yeah, well, I'm still living, ..but,

you know, I mean, there's something, something to all this when you look back, I

mean, yeah, you look back at some of those 70's, ...TV's, movies, they had a

lot of hair back in those days, thick stuff, like a helmet,, late teens,

they're going bald"

"They create the problem, then, they sell you a solution that doesn't work, oldest

trick in the book"

"...and they'll call us the bad guys"

"It's a racket all right, oldest in the books"

"Yeah, some thing, know, I stopped by to see Kathy this week, at her apartment,

...every floor, I'm walking up, I walk down the stairs, each floor, the marijuana, a

little more, a little less in some, I mean, everyone, ...all the time, and you know,

1pm, and I see this one guy, he's got pajama pants on walking, passing me as I walk into

the building, some, cartoon characters or something, 1pm, he's wearing pajama pants...,

in the afternoon of all things..., and going outside like that"

"...maybe he works nights or something"

"You know, Kathy, yeah, I mean, she's been in that same apartment forever, ...I ask her,

I say something, with the marijuana everywhere, the pajama pants guy walking out of the

building, that type around, why, eh, why you still here, we can get you another place"

"You know I've been offering for years..."

"and she tells me, it's quiet, nobody bothers her here, people keep to themselves,

...and you know, I can see that,, and then she tells me, this spring, she's

going to see about getting one of those garden plots, yeah, they've got these

"community garden" plots not too far and she wants to garden a bit,, there you

go..., and then she tells me there's a waitlist or something"

"A community garden plot,, ...I have seen those, yeah, all right then, if

it makes her happy, well, have the fellas give a call down, make sure she gets one,

...a garden plot, a community garden, ...oh, that Kathy"

...just like that, there he is, all right, the boss, what's he going to say this week

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Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves