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Mob Ties - The Series

A group of "toughs" from the five (...well, nobody really knows how many) families gather

together, usually on Friday, they discuss, they make deals, they take direction

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves

Mob Ties - Boston Office - Case Report - Hyannis Heat
***Supervisor Approved***


The Hyannis Heat - Primarily a summer crew, first reported contacts go back to the

late 80s, a small group (we still believe), but strong and very hard, members

have been known to last a longtime.

Not known to venture far in the winter

Current Status:

February 2022

My informant indicates the "Hyannis Heat" is moving a lot of weight, even in

these winter months.

My informant also indicates that they've been able to really corner the market

and that with many still inside and not going many or any place, the business

of the "Hyannis Heat" has been very good.


Tech Ops was able to secure this (photograph), but no audio.

My informant indicates "Hyannis Heat" may be...

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Mob Ties - They operate on honor...

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves