Mob Ties

Mob Ties - The Series

A group of "toughs" from the five (...well, nobody really knows how many) families gather

together, usually on Friday, they discuss, they make deals, they take direction

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves

Mob Ties - Baltimore Office - Case Report - Tal
***NOT Supervisor Approved***


Tal - A rare breed - a long sheet - someone that has done a lot of time

- a lot of time in the hole - and someone that likes it

Current Status:

Unknown, whereabouts, unknown, activities, unknown

While conducting routine stop-offs on my way home, I was able to confer with

a "shopkeeper" at a little convenience store in an area "Tal" was known to hangout.

It was just before the "shopkeeper" was getting ready to close up, a little past 4,

he said to me through about 3 layers of glass that it's just too dangerous to even

think about being open and trying to close up once it gets dark. I showed him the

last taken photo (attached) of "Tal" and the "shopkeeper" provided

the following...

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Mob Ties - They operate on honor...

Mob Ties - Tune in often as the story evolves